Inflation Has Been Silently Robbing Your Purchasing Power Since 1913

With the pandemic continuing to rage in so many parts of the world, we are all still trying to make sense of it all… Will we be able to move around, promote our business and meet prospective new clients? Will our business survive if the current movement restrictions continue? Will the money we have saved be enough?

One thing is for sure. At the rate governments are printing money, the value of whatever money we have or are able to earn, is losing its purchasing power rapidly and can be expected to continue to lose that purchasing power.
Take a good hard look at the images below…

To effectively protect our hard-earned wealth from the ravages of inflation caused by easy money, we need to hold an asset that can protect us from the loss of purchasing power of government made money…

Numerous scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that having and preserving our wealth gives us a better and longer life and allows us to live without stress.

This is the reason CryptRight™ (CR) was developed.

CryptRight is a Limited Supply Guaranteed, Triple Encrypted Digital Asset intended to serve as a dynamic hedge against the depreciation of traditional Government issued currencies such as the US Dollar and currencies linked to it i.e., government issued currencies that have no limit to their supply.

CR’s price gain over time, to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of US Dollars, is supported through the purchase of CRs as and when CR holders wish to sell. In other words, CR has its own liquidity and is not affected by the price volatility of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

CR’s creators are able to provide this independent liquidity because an adequate portion of the sales proceeds of CR is deployed, through a sophisticated computerized system, to trade highly liquid non crypto assets that gain from the US Dollar’s loss of purchasing power. This generates a flow of revenues that can be used to support the rise of CR prices over time to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of US Dollars.

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