Bitcoin Vs CryptRight Price Based On Scarcity Value

CryptRight’s total supply is contractually limited to 10 million units. In comparison, Bitcoin’s supply is determined by computer code to 21 million units. Based on the assumption that scarcity is the main driving force for market price appreciation for Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and CryptRight (CR-USD), we could calculate the Theoretical Price of CryptRights (TPC) using a simple formula that is based on their respective limits of total issues, so TPC = (BTC-USD ÷ 10 mil) x 21 mil.

Theoretical Price Calculation of CR-USD Relative to BTC-USD Price

Despite the logic behind assumptions used to calculate the theoretical, post-launch price of CryptRight, ie a comparison based on the respective scarcity values of Bitcoin and CryptRight, there are several features, each of which may also contribute to their overall demand and price:
Simplicity: There is only one version of CryptRight and just one trade symbol for CryptRight (CR-USD), whereas there are at least two major trade symbols for Bitcoin (BTC and XBT) and several more derivatives of the two.

Anonymity: Bitcoin is supposed to provide anonymity of ownership. However, this is only true if you don’t sell your Bitcoins for one of the available established currencies like USD, Euro etc.

But if you sell your Bitcoins through an Exchange or Broker, they have to know your true identity to pay you the sale proceeds – hence absolute anonymity is very much in doubt.

CryptRight on the other hand does not claim any anonymity of ownership. The privacy of CryptRight owners is adequately protected by international data privacy and banking privacy laws.

Access: If you lose or forget your Bitcoin’s long Private Key, you will lose your Bitcoin. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, approximately $20 billion worth of Bitcoins have been permanently lost because their owners had lost their private key, which is needed to verify ownership. The Private Key for Bitcoin is a 256-bit number, meaning that it is represented in binary in 256 numbers of 0 or 1.

But in the case of CryptRight, YOU will always be able to recover and access your CryptRights, because all you need to provide is your name and proof of identity.

History: Bitcoin has been around for some time, but CryptRight is relatively recent and may need a year or more to catch up with Bitcoin, and that’s the reason CryptRight can be bought, during the initial launch, at prices significantly lower than Bitcoin. However, post-launch, it’s anybody’s guess what CryptRight price may be relative to Bitcoin and other general currencies.

Risk Factors: In buying CryptRight at the launch price or at any higher price in the market later, purchasers face the risk that the market price may go to zero. Therefore it is logical to assume that the lower the purchase price, the less money is at risk of being lost.

Profit Potential: On the assumption that CryptRight is being bought for resale later at a higher price, it makes sense to be aware of the probability of this happening. However, remember the potential for any asset to double or triple from a low base of say $1,000 to $2,000 is considerably greater and more likely than for a similar asset bought at say $30,000 to double to $60,000.

We believe that CryptRight’s contractual and transparently verifiable limit of supply will ensure growing demand for it.

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