Is There A Better Way To Buy A Cryptocurrency?

There are other ways to profit from a crypto asset’s price rise rather than investing directly in it. One interesting way to reduce your risk and get the right to buy more of that cryptocurrency after it has risen but at a price much lower than its market price at that time is by using … Read more

Demand For Crypto Assets To Increase As Corporations Jump On The Bandwagon

Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, held a virtual event in early February 2021 to help corporations get into crypto assets. “You’re going to see an avalanche of companies in the coming 12 months also converting their balance sheets into cryptos because it’s a scarce digital safe-haven asset,” the executive said. During the event on Wednesday … Read more

Bitcoin Vs CryptRight Price Based On Scarcity Value

CryptRight’s total supply is contractually limited to 10 million units. In comparison, Bitcoin’s supply is determined by computer code to 21 million units. Based on the assumption that scarcity is the main driving force for market price appreciation for Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and CryptRight (CR-USD), we could calculate the Theoretical Price of CryptRights (TPC) using a … Read more

20% Of All US Dollars Were Printed In 2020

According to banking experts, up to 20% of all US dollars in existence today were printed in 2020. This has led a number of corporations, desperate to preserve their liquid assets from erosion, to exchange some of their cash and bonds for selected cryptocurrencies. One in five dollars currently in circulation was created in 2020 … Read more

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