CryptRight (CR) is a Crypto Asset (not a cryptocurrency) intended to serve as a dynamic hedge against the inflation induced depreciation of Government issued currencies such as the US Dollar and currencies linked to it.

CR achieves this dynamic hedge through price increases over time to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of US Dollars.

CR price increases are supported through the purchase of CRs as and when CR holders wish to sell. In other words, CR has access to its own liquidity and is not affected by the price volatility of other cryptos.


Developer of CryptRights

CROiNX Systems is a company registered as a specialist Computer Encryption and Cybersecurity Developer. CryptRight (CR) was developed for its creators as a Multi-Platform, Limited Supply, Triple Encrypted Digital Asset intended to serve as a hedge against the depreciation of traditional Government issued currencies that have no limit on their supply.

Auction Platform for CryptRights

World-Ex.Com has been appointed by the Creator of CryptRight to function as the platform for members to bid and offer auction prices for CryptRight(CR), available in three denominations – CR Maxi, CR Midi and CR Mini.

1CR Maxi = 100,000 CR Midis
1 CR Maxi = 100,000,000 CR Minis

World-Ex.Com will always have auction posts to buy and sell certain stated quantities of all the three denominations of CRs so that its members can always have a ready buyer and seller of CRs.

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